Fuentes de Lebanza presents very interesting concentrations of bio-elements necessary for well-being and health, which makes it ideal for different sectors of the population and suitable for all ages.

Fuentes de Lebanza natural mineral water has a light, fresh taste, thanks to the fact that it is alkaline water, very low in sodium and with a balanced mineral balance for health. Its light taste remains even at room temperature

Its dry residue, which informs us of the global mineral content, is 106 mg/l, which places Fuentes de Lebanza among waters with weak mineralization.

Fuentes de Lebanza can be classified as water with magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate, which is very slightly chlorinated and sulphated. This means an ideal and very balanced composition for consumption, with excellent digestive qualities that also favour its taste.  Allowing you to enjoy coffee or tea without altering or masking the most delicate flavours.

The low sodium content of 1.0 mg/l helps prevent and treat high blood pressure, diabetes, fluid retention, kidney and brain diseases, digestive disorders and osteoporosis.

Fuentes de Lebanza is especially indicated for diets low in sodium, the preparation of infant food, for pregnant women and the elderly.

Because of its hardness it is a soft water, 9.6 ºF., which means that it has a very balanced balance between magnesium and calcium. This promotes cleansing of the skin, and helps protect cardiovascular function.

Among the minerals it provides, it is worth highlighting the 124 mg/l bicarbonates that promote digestion and re-mineralize the body providing alkalinity.

Due to having this chemical balance, Fuentes de Lebanza water is recommended by many physicians as an effective way to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body..


Dry residue 180º ………106

Bicarbonates (HCO3-) ………104,9

Sulphates (SO42-) ………4,9

Chloridhes (CI-) ………3,8

Calcium (Ca2+)  ………36,3

Magnesium  (Mg2+) ………1,4

Sodium (Na+) ………1,0

Silica (SiO2) ………3,63

pH ………7,5



The pH of Fuentes de Lebanza (7.5) informs us of its alkaline nature and therefore associated with health, since, according to multiplestudies, disease develops better in acidic environments, alkalinity beingan important health and prevention factor.


“We don’t age… we rust”

The Fuentes de Lebanza water, with a potential negative RedOx, promotes an antioxidant effect. This promotes the reduction of inflammation and can accelerate healing processes by providing vital energy.


Water provides cells with the right shape and is the medium in which all the chemical reactions of the cells take place in order to obtain energy and the different elements they need. In addition, it intervenes in the transport of nutrients to the cells and in the elimination of waste, making up the major proportion of the body.
Fuentes de Lebanza, with its balanced formula, contributes to a correct cell hydration, as well as to an adequate evacuation of the residue and waste produced by the cell metabolism, favouring the integral health of the body.