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artículo abc 2009

ABC “Premium Waters”. 12/06/2009.

1st Edition “Waters of the world. The great selection of waters”.

Author; sommelier Faustino Muñoz Soria (2009).

TASTING. The difference is in the tasting. 

Traditionally we have heard that water is colourless, odourless and tasteless. But it is the smell, taste and appearance that we analyse when we taste a water. The water we ingest has different concentrations of dissolved minerals and other substances that give water different sensory properties. Contrary to what you might think, each water has its own nuances and produces very different sensations.

Lebanza, with low mineralization, without the presence of nitrates or fluorine, is extremely low in sodium, with only 1.0 mg/l, and 1.4 mg/l of magnesium, as well as a low content of bicarbonates, calcium and silica that confer sensory characteristics valued for their high quality.

Fuentes de Lebanza is transparent, shiny, with certain slightly blue flashes, with no defects of smell, light, fresh, with a light but appreciable mineral after-taste and with a subtle sensation of cleanliness, fluidity and freshness. The calcium content provides a certain textural consistency, the bicarbonates a certain body and silica, although present in a low concentration, this allows a slight mineral flavour to be identified after the product is drunk. Being very pleasant to the palate even at room temperature.

In addition to quenching thirst and being a diuretic, Lebanza water is light, fluid, fresh and with a certain mineral perception lacking any negative sensation or of rejection. A sensorially balanced, beneficial water that determines its preference by specialists and consumers.

Our water has received, among a multitude of waters, several International awards, including the First Prize at the International TERMATALIA 2010 Fair and the second prize in its 2011 edition.

OCU (Consumer and Users Organisation) Magazine. Article on Natural Sources. Ocu-health 116 November/December 2014. Analysis of various springs, including the Lebanza Spring. Water at its source is highly valued.

Análisis de varios manantiales, entre ellos el Manantial de Lebanza.

El agua en su origen está muy bien valorada.

“I found out about a wonderful water, in a blind tasting, in the Food Fair of Valladolid. Fuentes de Lebanza. Exceptional. At the same fair, I did a blind tasting, covering the names of seven brands and with sixty people that were inexperienced in tasting. In number one, for example, one person raised their hand. When I got to number seven, the sixty people raised their hands, it was Fuentes de Lebanza. Consumer taste is also an indicator”.

Carmen Garrobo, Director and specialist teacher in Sensory Analysis of the ESCUELA ESPAÑOLA DE CATA (SPANISH TASTING SCHOOL), President of the Professional Association of Sommeliers of Madrid-ASUMAD., 2009 in 'El Plan de Arola' by Cadena Ser

“Fuentes de Lebanza is one of the best waters in Spain”.

Carmen Garrobo, Director and specialist teacher in Sensory Analysis of the ESCUELA ESPAÑOLA DE CATA (SPANISH TASTING SCHOOL), President of the Professional Association of Sommeliers of Madrid-ASUMAD., 2019 in 'El Cafetito' by RNE

“Fuentes de Lebanza, low in mineral content, allows unrestricted intake. It follows the criteria of a mineral water, which is suitable for the preparation of baby food, and also, according to the regulations of the European Member States, has been authorised the claim of being a water recommended for diets low in sodium. In addition, it has the amount of calcium and magnesium that has been shown to have a protective effect on cardiovascular disease”.

Dr. Maurice J. Arnaud. Expert in Nutrition and Biochemistry, former director of the Nestlé Water Institute and former vice-president of Coca-Cola (2012).

“Lebanza’s water is extremely transparent, shiny, even with certain slightly blue flashes, odourless, light and fresh”.

Dr. Mª Asunción Alonso Gaite. Expert in Sensory Analysis (2013).

“Through its analysis, we can classify it as calcium-magnesium bicarbonate with weak mineralization, which is very slightly chlorinated and sulphated and very low in sodium. This means it is an ideal and well-balanced composition for consumption as table water. With excellent digestive qualities that helps strong dishes to be sampled and with a taste that allows delicate flavours to be enjoyed without masking thems”.

Fernando Pedrazuela González, mining engineer, expert in hydrogeology and mineral-medicinal waters (2014).