The natural mineral water from the Fuentes de Lebanza spring was declared this, by Order of 20 June 2006 of the Ministry of Economy and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Fuentes de Lebanza is a natural mineral water with a legendary origin in the Lebanza valley.

Hundreds of years ago La Cueva spring produced pure, balanced water, essentially from the snow and ice of the high mountains. In a calm, specially protected environment.

Its origin, in a space of high ecological value, with a nature of great biodiversity. A forest system with wild fauna of great ecological value. A place protected by the regulations of Montaña Palentina Natural Park.

La Cueva spring from where the water emerges is located in the place where its name indicates, in Lebanza. A mountain village, in the heart of the Montaña Palentina Natural Park, more precisely in the so-called bear cave area, where the second most important bear population of the Iberian Peninsula lives.  According to the Park’s own authorities, the existence of the brown bear is a first-rate biological indicator that demonstrates the natural wealth and purity of the environment where the spring is located.

“Lebanza comes from the Celtic, and it means, place of abundant streams that come from the melting ice, from the summits of the mountains”.


Guarantee of origin from a natural, protected space toghether with the continuos development of environmental commitments. Working under sustainable development criteria. This seal is granted to products that originate within the Network of Natural Spaces and Parks  of Castilla y Leon, Spain. 

Quality and purity

Its origin in the snowfields of the Lebanza valley, guarantees its balanced, vital and pure nature.  The spring is located in an elevated relief, at an altitude of 1,400 m, made up from materials belonging to the Lower Paleozoic Age (408-438 million years ago).

It is in its perfect balance of minerals where the Lebanza water reveals its relationships with the geological system of the Palencia Mountain. Its excellent quality comes from the natural system where it originates. Its original chemical formula is due to its passage through the bedrock, its shiny appearance and its fine soft flavour, is thanks to it resting on quartz in the depth of the mountain, before emerging from La Cueva spring at 8 degrees throughout the year.

Its origin in the heart of the Natural Park guarantees its purity, and absence of pollutants that harm health. And its flow in the depths of the aquitard gives it concentrations of bio-elements necessary for health and constitutes a natural filter of great efficiency that guarantees its quality. 

The basically siliceous constitution of the geological materials that make up the aquitard also performs an effective filtering function for several kilometres. Other silicates and carbonates present in these materials provide the slight calcium-magnesium nature and the trace elements incorporated in the water. This makes Fuentes de Lebanza so balanced and suitable for the human metabolism and has an unbeatable taste and palate.

An adequate protective perimeter preserves the natural mineral water in addition to the safety of the hydraulic confinement of the aquifer.  Thus Fuentes de Lebanza is maintained without activities that pose a potential risk of contamination. Continuous internal and external analyses provide an effective monitoring of chemical and bacteriological quality.

Its purity has been recognised by the Network of Natural Spaces of Castilla y León.